8. CJ’S

My second interview was with someone I look up to more then anyone. It was with a friend of mine’s dad who has had an amazing life. He currently runs a stock brokerage firm in Detroit and when I asked him how he got there his story was nothing but amazing. He started off growing up in Compton where one day he got shot in the leg on his way home but pride did not let him stop to get help until he was in his own house. From this rough beginning he ended up going to Harvard tom study business and from there went on to find a job on Wall Street. After a few years he decided he did not like the man he saw in the mirror and quit his job to settle down somewhere else. After moving away he found God and he also found the woman he would soon marry and start a family with. As I said he now runs his own business doing what he loves his own way. Never in my life have I been so inspired by a story and I still can’t believe it was something he would share with me. I know odds are I will never be able to do a fraction of what he has accomplished but it has surely inspired me to try.

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