Blog: Informational Interview 2.2

The second person I talked to, was also one of my mentors. She was a camper too. I connected with her because of our shared school, Michigan, and our shared interest in art. Like her I started off trying to pursue a career in stem fields. She graduated with a degree in Mathematics, and I started off college in engineering. Her passions for art lead her to work in several museums throughout her career. Then she gained an interest for spreading art knowledge, and transitioned to education of art. Like her I enjoy teaching others about art. This year in my internship, I lead a watercolor class. And it was fun to teach people the basics of watercolor and watch how their pieces came out. Now she has multiple jobs. Including; a travel consultant, a business consultant, and president of her own LLC. I’ve learned from her that I can do what I love while still having a serious career. She does work for her own business while still striving to teach people art by volunteering for art groups around Ann Arbor. This shows me that I don’t have to choose just one thing. I can have a career in whatever I eventually choose, while still doing art and making music.

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