Informational Interview 1: Do the Work You’re Passionate About | #7

Pursue your own intellectual curiosity because the most rewarding job in this world is doing the work that you’re truly passionate about.

When I first found out that I have to conduct an informational interview with someone who works in the same company, the first person that popped up in my mind was Jonathan Louey, a.k.a John.

And, here’re some of the reasons:

— John is one of the Product Managers at Investopedia.
— Upon receiving his degree in Business Administration and Management at American University, John started his career as a financial analyst (before discovering his passion in product development).

As someone who is interested in landing his foot in the financial industry, I was hoping that I could learn a thing or two about being a financial analyst.

I have to admit that coffee chat session with John is, undoubtedly, one of the best.

As much as I enjoy listening to John stories of transition from financial analyst to product manager, I am thoroughly impressed by his passion for product development. Listening to John talking about the satisfaction of nurturing an idea and turning into the reality inspires me to always work on things that I am truly passionate about.

Here’s the takeaway that I’ve learned from John: it should always be about you when it comes to job searching. Pick the job you are truly passionate about and hone your craft, ignore the noises — they’re not going to matter, sooner or later.



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