Doula blog #2

        My main task as a Doula Project intern included being a part of their volunteer rotation at the different Planned Parenthood clinics and public hospitals around NYC. It took a while to get cleared and trained to work at the different locations, but once I had gotten cleared, I had no problem transitioning to being on the schedule and being put into rotation. My time was equally
divided between working on the Labor and Delivery floor as a birth doula, and working at Planned Parenthood clinics as an abortion doula. It was very exciting being on the Labor and
Delivery floor at the hospital. It was a fast paced, exciting, and
sometimes nerve-wrecking floor to experience. I worked at minimum, 12 hour shifts, and had to be ready to support moms
at 8:30 am sharp. I found it to be most difficult when I would
support a mom who had already gone through majority of her laboring experience without me, and I had to try to play
“catch-up,”with her and her loved ones. When I could support a mom early/midway through labor until she had given birth, there was plenty of opportunity to get to know each other and establish a relationship that included trust and some familiarity throughout that emotional journey. I felt that the best way to service the mom was to have the mom be comfortable with me. I also thought it was important to establish familiarity because there were always so many different doctors and nurses coming in and out of mom’s laboring room. Sometimes, this made moms
uncomfortable or frustrated during intense contractions and
vaginal exams. When moms trusted me, I could better sooth them, and assure them that every thing was okay. This is just one of the important tips I picked up about being a birth doula and a healthcare provider. Trust is a valuable component in the hospital. It’s absolutely imperative that it is established between patients and all of the healthcare workers on their team.

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