Informational Interview #1: Within Organization

As my internship was coming to a close I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the chief members of the organization for a bit. The interview, however, did not go as I had planned whatsoever. I was expecting it to be really cut and dry with little improvisation of questions along the way. When I actually came to doing this interview though one topic would spur my mind to ask a new question that I had not even considered previously and this trend continued from there on. Our initial connection was the career path that this individual had taken on within the marketing of the company, which I did have a strong interest in at the time of the interview. We hardly talked about what it takes to be successful within this realm of business though. The main theme of the interview had to do with taking risks and experiencing new things, and most importantly failing at times from these risks and then learning from them. This person had traveled to an entirely different country to complete her college education and said it was one of the most difficult and most rewarding things she had ever done in her life. So, the main idea that I want to implement into my life from this interview is to not fear failure, but on the contrary to embrace it because it can lead you to your greatest successes.

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