Informational Interview 2: On Visa Sponsorships | #8

Right before my summer internship ends, I received an offer to push back my college graduation date and stay at Investopedia for another year. It was definitely an excited yet humbling experience because I knew that I’m still lacking (in terms of skills). After knowing that I need a sponsorship in order to work in the United States, our CEO offered to provide me with sponsorship right after graduation if I were to head back and work at Investopedia over the next summer. (This happened after I turn down the offer to push back my studies.)

The experience made me realize that I have no idea what I need to do in order to stay and work in the United States. I only have a vague idea and it would be really nice to hear it from someone else who have the experience.

That’s how I decided to reach out to Maria. Having born and raised in Greece, Maria pursued her Master degree in Management Science & Engineering at Columbia University. Right after her graduation, she landed herself a financial analyst position before working her way to become an e-Commerce analyst.

Since Maria graduated with a master degree, she got 3 chances to participate in the H1B visa lottery process. I know this might sounds incredibly absurd, but I didn’t know anything about the visa lottery process prior to my coffee chat session with Maria.

In short, here’re some information that I’ve gathered from Maria:
1. Every employer that would like to hire you should be able to sponsor your working visa. So, don’t be afraid to ask for sponsorship.

2. There’s a limit on how many times you can participate in the H1B visa lottery process. However, Maria did mention that a lot of her friends got selected in Lottery and received sponsorship.

3. You can only apply for the H1B Visa lottery process once/year.

The coffee chat session is incredibly helpful. I have learned that I need to know more about the H1B Visa Lottery/Sponsorship Process if I were truly determined to stay and work in the United States after my graduation.


Thanks, y’all.


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