Informational Interview #2–Wine n’ Dine Employee

Building relationships, especially those which stand to promote office culture and solidarity, are vital to the continued success and rise of such a company. My internship experience this summer allowed me to explore these integral relationships in close comfort. Interning for a company where half of its population consists of interns during the summer, one’s susceptibility to connect with those around them exists at an all time high.

For the 2 months that I interned for Wine n’ Dine, my daily routine followed a mindless pattern. Among this routine, I found myself resorting to the same seat each and everyday, next to the same exact person. I don’t know what universal circumstance brought us to continually sit next to one another, but i was no room to complain. This person, who ran Wine n’ Dine social media, embodied their job to a tee. Whether it was their squeals of excitement from being mentioned on celebrity social or a grunt of dissatisfaction when the app crashed, this person lives and breathes social media. And I couldn’t have been happier for the raw exposure.

This person really opened my eyes to the rollercoaster of a ride being apart of the social media world is. They would always remind me that an influencer as such must be ready to embrace the good, and be ready for the bad. The instantaneous nature of social media, and its ever changing state has the potential to deter many away from pursuing such a career. I used these apprehensions, bestowed upon me by my next seat neighbor, to my advantage and decided to take these challenges with multiple grains of salt. The meticulous nature of social branding through outlets such as Instagram and Twitter stand to be frustrating at times, and rewarding at others. Its important. says said person, to understand that the fast paced nature of the social world can be harnessed, controlled, and manipulated to one’s own advantage with the right amount of time, and an even greater amount of patience.

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