Reflection | Blog Post #5

Being a black intern in a setting with very well off accomplished individuals reminded me of my time at the University of Michigan since freshman year. Memories that don’t leave you reminiscing about the good days, but about the struggle moments that you had to face alone that no one else noticed unless they looked like you too. Being a minority in classes, organizations, corporate settings, or within a studio setting, I’ve always felt like the black swan. Constantly evolving but people chose to ignore your existence until required to. The thing is, privileged people truly don’t understand when they are tapping into that disgusting bias mentality because it never affects them.

Something strange happened during my last week in Hollywood (this was during the unfortunate racist events that happened in Charlottesville) and I realized that people who believe that they are better than you, truly don’t care about you. We live in a world that the only way that your opinion has any value, you must either have the right credentials behind your name, know a certain person, or be a certain color. I’ve faced them all throughout my time here and there were only a handful of people that don’t look like me that I can say truly inspired me and gave me hope that even through all the needless ugly personalities that I’ll face, I still have the opportunity to be above that and give every person that comes my way the respect they rightfully deserve. Respect is earned but it doesn’t give anyone the right to be bias at any cost.  Let’s just say that by the end of my time in LA I was ready to prove anyone who underestimate me and minorities like myself WRONG.

I’m glad that the personal incidents during my last week happened though; it only opened my eyes to my ambitious future, and it’s still BRIGHT.



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