Tri-Internship Summer Conclusion | #5

Going into this summer was scary due to the uncertainty of an internship.

Entering the school year, I wouldn’t have wanted my summer to go any other way.

The vast amount of knowledge that I learned this summer was incredible and unexpected to what I thought was possible. I am so blessed to have had the opportunities that I did and am lucky to have the mentors that I have now because of it.

If I learned one main thing this summer, it is that I want to help people. I love the law and the idea of having a career that ensures justice and protection to all citizens in and out of my community. Working in local courts and state government, I was able to see the change happen. I was able to talk with the people and hear how thankful they were to have a motion or petition signed by the judge that allowed their family member to be in a better position. I was able to see laws get passed that will make citizens in the state of Michigan better off. I was able to witness laws get passed to change the name of a highway to honor a fallen soldier who risked his life for every citizen in America. It was an honor.

Another thing I realized was that I enjoy local and state politics more than federal and national politics. Although they go hand and hand in some ways, I liked seeing the positive change in my community. In addition, I liked the maturity and bi-partisanship that I observed in Lansing and Macomb County. The current political environment in Washington D.C. is inefficient, immature, and full of the negative type of “politics.” Of course there is some of that everywhere, but it was nice to be a part of three teams that stayed away from that as much as possible.

Also, I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy the law much more than I enjoy government and politics. Although I have only had a few short opportunities, I felt more passionate about the judicial and legal part of my summer than I did the legislative side.

My favorite part of my summer internships was every day. Every day I learned something new, made a new connection with someone, or realized more that law and government was what I want to pursue.

I know I want to pursue a career that can put me on a path to helping individuals every day. Yes this will be a lot of school and studying, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. My decisions may be altered and my experiences in life may point me in a new direction, but whatever that path may be, I know it will be towards law, justice, and always trying to put others before myself.

Lastly, I thank the University of Michigan for making all of this possible. Whether it be through the guidance, mentorships, or financial help, I would not have been able to have these experiences without the help of the University. I am forever grateful, appreciative, and blessed to be a Wolverine and will use all that I learn here to make a positive impact on this world.

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