Bartlett Lab #3

     The chemicals have finally come in!! This has been an exciting time because we have been waiting for the right chemicals needed in order to make a certain compound, Bismuth Vanadate (BiVO4). The ingredient was VOCl3, and it will be used in this formula: BiCl3 + VOCl3 (BnOH solv.) → BiVO4. These ingredients were then subsequently mixed together and placed in reaction vessels. Two experiments were run, one using a solvothermal set up with the other being a reflux set up. In both of these reactions, we got a solid product, which was a great feeling, but we don’t exactly know what it is yet. In order to find out, we need the XRD machine, and that thing is always broken. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I know that it will shoot X rays at the black solid and then depending on the diffraction pattern, which is translated into data, we will know what we got in the experiment. I will come back to hopefully confirm that we got what we wanted out of the experiment.

     In other news, I am enjoying my internship way more than I thought that I ever would. I find working in the lab actually kind of fun. The reading does suck, as I have said before, but I am starting to get the hang of some of the difficult terms and concepts more and more every day. I also got to help out one of the grad students that is going to earn his doctorate soon with his experiments. Although tedious, they turned out to work and I was glad to help. The process of that was probably my favorite for the internship because I got to learn how to use the UV vis machine and read the data points. Everything has been going great, and hopefully that XRD gets fixed before the UROP symposium so I can put some data points on my poster!!

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