Blog #3

In this blog, I will be talking about “Individual Identities” that includes personality, interests and hobbies. Growing up, I saw my father open up a few businesses and I loved how an idea came to life and since than I decided I wanted to go into the business/entrepreneurship. As a result, I am majoring in economics and decided to intern in a startup as a sales and account management intern. Going in I was working with the sales team but a few weeks later I was suddenly working in the photo and fashion  studio which was more related to fashion. Instead of dealing with numbers, I was dealing with styling clothes, learning about different types of fabrics and new trends in the fashion world. What was interesting was that I actually really enjoyed it and found to have developed a new interest. It was also funny because my mom is a fashion designer and never paid attention to things related to fashion at home and suddenly I was discussing everything fashion with her. This new interest definitely didn’t change my career interest but made me realize that I could actually look at companies that combine business and fashion.

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