Blog 4: Midpoint Check-In

As I have reached the midpoint of my time interning at AthletesFirst I have come to learn many details about this business that I was not aware of before I began my internship. As I came into this office I had the goals of making connections with the incredible members of the AthletesFirst family. My goal was to make these connections as personal as I could so that I could gain the most knowledge that was available from them. I also had the goal of gaining a much larger understanding of what made up this line of work. At first I thought that agencies such as AthletesFirst interact and deal with athletes and their teams but there is so much more to this business. I have learned that AthletesFirst is responsible for all endorsement deals, travel plans, living arrangements and much more. As a member of AthletesFirst you need to be able to deal in all of these areas to ultimately keep your clients happy. With this new knowledge in mind I have added goals to go along with my previous ones. My new goal is to not only continue to understand what goes on between an agent and an athlete but I would also like to dive into all the other aspects that an agent deals with. I want to learn how to make deals for endorsements and how to handle living arrangements for all clients. I want to learn how each style of negotiation changes depending on what the goal is. I hope that I can use the connections I have made to deepen my understanding for this aspect of the business. 

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