Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

At this point in my internship I have gained so much knowledge and performed so many tasks. I have done major projects for certain people in the office and I have done minor tasks such as going to get lunch for the whole office. In both my major and minor objectives I have succeeded and I have failed. In all of these successes and failures I have taken away new lessons and tools to help me in my next project. My biggest obstacle I have faced has come while I was working on a statistical project for Austin Lyman. He had asked me to go through each NFL roster and find the five starting offensive linemen for each team. I then had to do research each of them and find the details of there contract. The details included what year the contract went through, how many years were left on the contract, how much money was guaranteed, and how much the contract was worth in total. When I started this project I did not have a clue on where to begin to find this information and I had three days to complete it. I began to panic for the first day and I did not ask for help. I continued to let my pride get in the way and did not ask for help for most of the second day. I was able to find pieces of the information I needed but not enough to complete my project. Finally on the day that it was due I asked Austin Lyman for help as to where I could find the information I was looking for. He was a great help and I got the project done but it was late. After this project I learned that if I want to be successful in this line of work I need to be smart and independent in my work but I also need to be able to ask for help just as much. I’m really glad that I went through this challenge because it helped me greatly with the rest of my internship. 

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