Blog: Informational Interview #2

I also met with a woman who has been helping the founder of the organization for the past decade. She is a woman in her 70’s who is still traveling the world and serving the woman and youth she encounters. She is by trade a social worker and teacher, so as someone who is thinking about applying to receive my MSW I was very much looking forward to talking with her. When she was in school international social work wasn’t even an option for her to study so she kind of created the path for herself. She worked as a social worker in Albania for over a decade, economically empowering local woman through craft-making. When I asked her how she got this job it was by mere coincidence as she was referred to the opportunity by a friend of a friend. Communication was established and then before you know it she was in Albania. When I asked her how she came into contact with this organization she said she met the founder on a tour and one conversation lead to the next. Ten years later and she is still visiting! Listening to her, I realized opportunity and career paths can happen very suddenly, whether its a conversation with a stranger or a recommendation from a friend. I think it is helpful to be proactive when looking for the next opportunity, but I also think it is equally as beneficial to simply take life as it comes because I think it has a funny way of putting you wherever you’re meant to be!

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