Doula Blog #3

Week 8 of my internship was by far the busiest of them all. I worked four days in a row, starting with a 13 hour shift, and the rest 9 hour shifts. I find it amazing how I would wake up feeling exhausted, then get to work and become completely energized. The 13 hour shift was my labor and delivery shift. I supported 3 people until they gave birth. I stayed behind an hour after my shift to support the last mom while she was pushing. She had been pushing for an hour, and because the baby’s heart rate was so high and the baby had not descended far enough, the Ob-Gyn decided to do a C-section. I can tell that this was a very hard decision for the team to make, and because she had already been laboring, they wanted her to have a vaginal delivery,  as did she. Unfortunately, the baby was in distress, and they could not risk having the little nugget in there a moment longer. Although I know that C-sections are relatively safe, there are risks. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something that I could have done to prevent her from needing a C-section. Studies have shown that having a doula present during birth decreases the chances of having an emergency C-section. Thinking back to that night, all of her pushes were not strong, maybe I could have guided her better, and helped her push more efficiently. Overall, she and the baby were both fine, but I still feel guilty… They did not allow me into the operating room, but I tried to encourage her as much as I could before she went in. She wasn’t scared though, she was willing to do whatever she had to do so that she could meet a healthy and stable baby boy. This is the true definition of strength!

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