Final Blog Post

Now that my internship has ended and I’m starting school again, I want to reflect on the impact of what I learned at Zimmer Biomet. At the end of the 8 weeks, I presented what I learned to my manager, her boss, and the Vice President of Asia Pacific. I gained an interesting perspective on the intersection of medicine and business and hope that this will be helpful with my career aspirations as a physician. I learned how to be a team player and leverage other team members to help achieve the goals my manager and I set out at the very beginning. I hope to continue to develop teamwork skills and open communication as I think these are lifelong skills that are important in any field of work.

If any other non-business student were hesitant of taking part in this internship program through Ross, I would highly encourage them to consider this as real work experience and that business is an important tool for any industry. Without it, there is no way that we could continue to operate and grow as a society.

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