Informational Interview #1

Throughout my internship I received much guidance and advice in the filed of law from the all attorneys in the firm.  However, my interview with the President of the firm and through all interactions has been by far one of the most useful periods of knowledge that I have gained. He shared with me an insight that has helped him throughout his career and has helped his firm to achieve all the success that it has to this day. This principle that is the driving force behind everything, he stated, was how the firm treat clients like family. He shared that you can simply treat clients like people paying money for a service or you can treat them like so much more, like family. This customer service and care emphasized by the firm I worked with is something I will be sure to take forward with my own career. After my interview, I saw his firms principles in action. The clients came in, were immediately welcome, and were met with a conversation completely unrelated to the services they were going to be provided. Clients felt much more at ease and had a very enjoyable experience planning their estates. From this interview, I have seen and learned that treating people well goes much further than any service you provide them with.

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