Informational Interview #2

For my second informational interview I connected with a family friend who works for the government in the Department of Defense. She audits outside companies that conduct work and provide services for the government and ensures that they are financially responsible. I wasn’t necessarily interested in her specific task as an auditor but was rather curious as to what her experience was working for a governmental agency and what the work environment is like. Overall, she had wonderful things to say about the government as an employer. She expressed much gratitude for their understanding and flexibility with working around family events. She also expressed the appreciation she had for the DOD’s encouragement of pursuing further education. For my future career endeavors, I really could see myself working for the government. I like that idea of working in the public sector helping our government with day to day operations. I think ideally I would be very open to working for an agency like the FBI, or other national security agencies. From my interview with her, I have now considered working in the public sector more seriously. There is much to be gained and learned working for the government. I am very excited about potentially pursuing a career route I previously had been exposed to.

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