Informational Interview #2 | Blog #8

For my second informational interview, I chose someone on the capital raising / sales side of the business. I was always curious about this side of the business due to the fact that when I was working, I completely ignored the fact that the company needs investors in order to survive. What I mean by that is, I took it as a given that the company had investors and ignored the process of finding investors and collecting capital. The person that I interviewed came from a long history of sales jobs and customer service jobs where he fine tuned his people skills and ability to achieve goals through communication. He stressed to me that in any profession, these skills are essential to master. He claims that his communication and people skills are what got him to where he was today. He did not come from the most prestigious university and only had experience as an Econ minor before going into a financial job. He worked his way up from the bottom of a call center, to a manager, to one of the head sales people at a multiple respected firms. The conversation that I had with him was eye opening, in the sense that soft skills, who you are as a person, and how you play to your strengths are three important indicators of success, yet are something that you can work on.

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