Informational Interview | #7

I connected with the Senior UX Manager here at Zoro for my first informational interview. I connected with him because he has over 10 years working for technology firms as a UX Designer and UX Architect. His experience is a well mixture of managing a team of designers as well as engaging with design closely himself. He joined the team while I was an intern in the team and we shared many “fresh eye” perspectives while I also learned a lot of new ideas from him.

With experience working both as a designer and a user researcher, I asked him which part of the job he enjoys better and why does he made the choice of becoming a UX Manager instead of a senior designer or design executive, and I was told that a manager aggregates the workflow and organize the cross team collaboration between a design team and other teams. He had much more experiences developing solutions for cross-team operation and process improvement.


When asked what would have be done differently if time could go back for 10 years, he said that he would be more open-minded about the risks associated with the choices he was about to make. For him, the career pathway is directed by a few significant decisions. Those decisions usually confront risks and tradeoffs. Making a risky choices usually means it links to a result that you might never think of, and many career leaps occur when decisions of that kind are made.


After the informational interview with him, I am more literate of my career pathways as a Junior UX Designer and what to consider when it comes to privates of opportunities. I was fortunate enough to work with him on one of my internship projects, and his words extended far beyond the interview and influenced me in a really positive way.

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