Lab reflections. Blog post #5

I first sought out a position in a lab because I knew medical schools liked to see research experience on applicant’s resumes and it would be the best career move.  I never liked the idea of working in a lab; I’m a people person, and I’ve unfortunately held a stereotype of researchers as an unsocial type.  The closest customer-service work a laboratory comes close to is on the cellular level, so I wasn’t looking forward to the reduced communication with the outside world I was used to.  I can say, however, I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had working with everyone in the lab and the collaborative and helpful attitude everyone has.  Everyone was willing to use their extra time to answer my questions, and I had a lot. Outside of work, we met for dinner, game nights, tubing down the river and I developed some great relationships.

Outside of the relationships I made during the summer, I feel I did some excellent work and learned so much in the process.  As a result of my work, I was offered a paid position to continue helping out with the abdominal patch project during the school year.  I am so excited to see this project through to the end and to help expand it.  I’m so glad I decided to join this particular lab so I can continue exploring skeletal tissue.  My expectations were not 100% correct, but I still see myself pursuing an MD rather than a PhD.  Research is excellent and the fuel for progress in the medical field, but I’d much rather apply the feats of research to drive real change for people everyday.

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