My internship and what drew me to this opportunity

Over the spring and summer, I interned with a community based organization on the Southwest side of Detroit called Garage Cultural. The way Garage Cultural came about was when the Duran family saw an opportunity to create a youth center from the abandoned Hacienda Foods factory on Livernois. The Hacienda Food company gave the space to the Duran family and supports the Durans with a budget for the space. The budget is a tight one but the Durans make due with what the Durans have and now the once plain Hacienda Food company factory is the most must see building on the Southwest side of Detroit. Garage Cultural has been up and running for more than half a decade and it has definitely gained its stripes. The organization receives youth from the Growing Detroit Young Talent program which employs Detroit Youth with a job over the summer to incorporate their passions with actual jobs that fit those passions.

I have a passion for music and sound engineering. The Duran family is filled with musicians. My supervisor’s, Amelia, father is a famous Cuban guitar player and her son is an up and coming singer attending Michigan State. So when I was touring the building I couldn’t stop thinking about how talented their family was and I wanted to be apart of that. The reason for me wanting to be apart of that is because I want to be able to make my passion my job and they have done that already.

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