Quick Recap #5

It has been a while but a lot of things have happened after a month. A quick recap is that my internship was extended for one more month and I got to see most of the feature I created to be shown in the actual software we are developing. This was very exciting since I did not know when my features would be added and it was awesome to see that the code I was written is helping people. I have been very busy lately and the internship has been going great and I been learning more about web development but also core principles of developing code and how to effectively research questions that you are stuck on. I also have been exploring more of Ann Arbor and going to the farm markets is always the best part of my week.

Even though the internship is going to end soon I appreciate the team and what they took me over the summer. I learned that as long as you keep on learning proactively you are able to accomplish anything. The co-workers I was surrounded by always where learning and improving every day and this made me do the same and that every single day there is always something new to learn.



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