Return offer | #5

To close my blog series, I’d like to share my fortune in receiving a return offer from my manager in my last few weeks. My manager brought it up to me one day when we were having lunch just to gauge my interest. I told him that I was very excited and we talked about returning to his team, or if there were possibly any other teams that I might have been interested in transferring to. I expressed that although I loved his team and the work they do, that there was one other team at Apple that is my dream to work on. We had my recruiter look into the potential of transferring to that team, and he let us know that they were based in Berlin and had never had an intern before. Currently, the options are being explored and my recruiter is supposed to get back to me sometime in the next couple months, but either way, I will likely return to Apple next summer. I am relieved to go into the school year with this sense of security, and very excited to see what opportunities come about!

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