The Impact | Blog #5

Though my summer experience started off rocky, the days have passed to a routine of riveting conversations and smooth progress of data. Today I will be retreating back to my busy academic schedule, where I will slowly need to give up my now routine lab schedule for something a less time-demanding schedule. The impact of the past few months has changed my work ethic tremendously. A number of preparation skills that I have accumulated these past few months are already taking effect right now. My mental to-do lists, collaborative skills,  perseverance, analysis skills have developed into my lifestyle. I’ve learned that one of the most important things in science is not necessarily finding the answer, but really creating an intentional question. A good question leads to better logical thinking and a better answer in the end. This formulation of a good question requires time and true critical thinking. And though I may end up going home every day with complete and utter mental exhaustion, I can’t even begin to explain how it’s all so worth it.

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