Trying New Things l Post 4

I joined my company this Summer as a development intern. Most of my daily tasks revolved around reading scripts for the company and writing coverage (a document which includes a general grading rubric of a script, a plot summary, and comments on what works in the script and what could be improved). I loved doing this and my other general intern responsibilities. Coverage could be really fun, especially when a good script is put in front of you. This sort of assignment made me feel like I was really putting what I’ve learned and practiced in my Screen Arts and Cultures classes to good use, being critical of scripts and looking for ways to improve them.

As the Summer went on I started to think about other departments at the company that were of interest to me, or whose work was similar to classes I’d taken at Michigan. Eventually I approached the company’s marketing person and asked her if she could use any help. Though my boss always gave us something to keep us busy, he was very flexible about deadlines and I felt like I definitely could handle more work. I had just taken Intro to Marketing during the Spring term, and I enjoyed the class much more than I thought I would. I wanted to see if I could put my marketing knowledge to use, and hopefully learn much more “on the job.”

The marketing person was really excited to have some help, and to have an intern excited about marketing. I started helping her with some promotions and blog post writing. I really enjoyed working with her, and, again, felt like I was putting some of some of the things I’ve learned in school to good use.

In the end, though I enjoyed marketing, I did not fall in love with it. I liked my work in development much more. But I’m very glad to have had the experience, both so that I know it’s not something I want to pursue outright in the future and to have acquired more knowledge and experience to take with me to future jobs.

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