Wrapping up loose ends | #5

Throughout the duration of my internship with Welcome Mat Detroit, one of my principle roles was to revise and combine contact and schedule information for all ESL organizations in SE Michigan. Earlier in the summer I contacted all of the organization’s previous ESL provider contacts, as well as some contacts I knew of and additional contacts I found through research. While I received a great many positive responses, giving me the schedule and pricing information I needed and thanking me for undertaking such a task, I got a great many no replies. Despite repeated attempts to contact an array of organizations across SE Michigan, there were times where I just could not get the information I needed. While this was frustrating for me, I just had to either make do with the limited information that I had or find a different way to access the information I needed. Ultimately I ended up with 4 cohesive lists of all ESL providers in Washtenaw, Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties. These lists detailed the ESL class schedule, cost, requirements, skill level, location, and registration times. As someone who tutors ESL in Ann Arbor, I think that there are just so many resources out there available to non-native English speakers, but the organizations don’t advertise publicly enough. So many people feel held back by cost or distance, but there are people and organizations across the state that are working to provide assistance to those who need it. I feel like contributing these cohesive ESL contact charts shaped much of the work I did as an intern, as well as cements my personal connection to the organization.

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