Favorite Project #4

My favorite project was much more independent than my other projects, and perhaps that is why it became my favorite. While my other projects consisted of  engaging with other organizations or community members, this project had little instruction (“Create a power map of Detroit Schools”) and therefore was able to use my creativity to allow this to happen. I created a power map of the Detroit education system, in which Detroiters would be able to visually see the power structure of Detroit schools, and be able to easily see which institutions and people run our schools. I wanted this tool to be interactive, so that parents and students can competently use it to not only understand the power dynamics, but also find contact information for all the Detroit schools–all in one place. One of the things I learned at my internship is that the education system is extremely complicated, and there is no way parents have the amount of time to understand this complexity. Detroit Schools are just as complex, with so many institutions and parties having a role and a play into the system. I spent my summer looking for this information and it was extremely difficult to find, so I cant imagine parents who have children, two jobs, and other responsibilities finding this information easily. Therefore, I think this tool allows parents to find such information easily. From the top level of the state government to the individual schools, I put descriptions and contact information so that parents can hold their leaders accountable I am really happy with how it turned out, and the tool will embedded on the 482Forward. I have included a link of this tool so that you guys can check out what I created!



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  • September 8, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    Very cool tool! Congratulations.


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