Halfway Through | #3

At this point in the research process, we had managed to get ahead on the project, making it through the text screening and the risk of bias ratings, along with side projects including independent literature searches related to the project, entering data, and assisting at the Long Night of Science in Berlin. The Long Night of Science is a huge event in Berlin where the Universität opens its doors to the public. Participants have the opportunity to participate in a wide assortment of studies, tune in on what research is being done, and win prizes throughout the night. There’s also fireworks and food trucks everywhere. Outside of that, it is a perfect opportunity for graduate students to collect data for free, due to all of the people that come to the event and participate in the studies. I had an awesome time helping our team with the study at the event, and since I was working the door and instructing people on the study, I got a lot of practice using my German. Every conversation was unique, and my brain was exhausted by the end of the night, but it has been the best real-life experience I’ve had using German to this date.

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