Heading Home | #5

Between working with Dr. Notthoff, reading all of the papers, and learning how to do thorough research, I have learned so much from this internship experience. The research that we were conducting had to do with environmental psychology and public health, which was also perfect for me, for I wish to enter the field of public health upon graduation, and it has been perfect to gain experience and conduct research in the field.

Outside of my internship experience, living in Berlin has been one of the best experiences of my life. I lived in an AirBnB for three months in a cozy neighborhood situated inside of Berlin. I lived in a house with an elderly German actress who had three rooms to stay in. During the course of the summer, I met individuals from all over the world, including a student from Taiwan, a couple students from other Big Ten schools, and travelers from countries such as Russia, England, France, etc. I didn’t take much with me outside of my clothes and my laptop, so I spent most of my time exploring the city of Berlin and traveling to other destinations almost every other weekend. I was able to travel to eight different countries and experience life within their cities. Between all of the wonderful people that I met and the things I’ve seen, leaving Berlin was tough, and I definitely left a piece of me there, but in return I have come back full of wisdom and knowledge that I could never have imagined learning. This opportunity has opened my eyes to how possible and feasible it would be to work overseas, or internationally, which is something that I am looking for in my coming years.

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