Informational Interview with A Founder

I connected with this person because she is my mentor outside of work and school. She started a small business and believed that such career path chose her–she was looking for a product which would solve some problems and behold it didn’t exist. So, she did some quick research, within an hour came up with a solution to the problem and now she is executing the idea. I have always been amazed by her passion and entrepreneurial spirit. When asked what is the biggest challenge in her career, she answered “squeezing”. Squeezing is akin to making your own white board to cut costs instead of outright buying one for 5 times the cost. Budgeting, schedules, and really, time! But, this is what makes or breaks the entrepreneurial spirit. She describes it as a real-life, living, breathing video game which is exhilarating. The most important thing for being an entrepreneur is to think and to execute. This is what I believe will become my goals and paths in the future. Her passion and life experiences lead me to think of becoming an entrepreneur. And her advice for me was, to take great care of myself. “People first, then money, then things. And have fun! Life is super short!”. For my last semester, I consider auditing an entrepreneurship-related course to expand my understanding and to gain more knowledge. But the most important thing I assume is, to execute in reality.

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