Let the games begin | #4




The month of August in Peru is the month that celebrates the elderly. At my project site, we have coordinated a multitude of events for the elderly at the facility. The first event was dividing the males into teams and having them play soccer. Other events we have had are a drawing contest, tug of war, and musical chairs. Personally, my favorite event was the singing contest. The acts ranged for duets to solos both with and without instruments. Watching them perform made me appreciate their diverse culture. More than half the songs were sung in their native tongue of Quechua. Quechua is the language the native people from Cusco spoke before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. I was told that Quechua is a language much like our native American languages was not written, but passed down orally. Which is amazing to think that many of the songs I listened to have been passed down orally for hundreds of years. This was my favorite experience this summer was getting to help organize these events and watching the participants have fun and enjoy themselves.

For me I have adjusted much better to the high altitude here in Cusco. I am now able to play sports with the locals without losing my breath in the first five minutes. I am enjoying the city as a whole with many of the different foods that it has to offer. My favorite are the street tamales which are delicious and never disappoint when I buy them. Overall I am having a great time here in Peru.

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