Looking back and looking forward…

If I were to follow the same career path of someone at my internship, I would begin by asking them how they started out. What led you to where you are now? I would ask them what they wish they would have done in getting here and what mistakes they made and learned from. That might be the most helpful question to ask when receiving guidance. I would like to learn from others’ as well as my own mistakes.

If a prospective employer asked me about how I grew from this experience, I would say that I gained perspective from working with colleagues of various backgrounds. I was able to appreciate other people’s skills which were different than mine, and communicate with them to produce a successful outcome. I also had to innovate and problem solve at my internship often times. There were times when weather was not cooperative, or the design did not turn out how we thought it would. We often had to problem shoot when jobs did not go as planned. One of the most crucial things I may have learned, however, was how to treat employees. Treat people well and they will return the favor in good work ethic.

I am unsure if I will follow a path in this field, but I appreciated the experience and definitely grew from my time at the landscape design company.


Currently, I will be a senior at the University of Michigan. I am interning at a landscape design company in Northern Michigan and learning about sustainable practices of the landscape business.

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