Mid-Internship Thoughts

I have been reflecting on the type of change I want to make in the world. Many elders tell me about the dreams they had when they were in college and how life forced them to change their hopes. I do not want that to be me. What I do want is huge, and will take a large amount of time and capital. I want to build schools for disenfranchised populations; those who never had the opportunity to end up at a place like Michigan because they were never taught with the same resources as many of us here.


But this not only will take time and money, but a thorough examination of the current school system and its flaws, and the way to make improvements on it. I choose to work at AFSC this summer in part because it was one of the only places that called me back about my application, but also because I plan on being involved, somehow, in philanthropic work in the future. Non profits are a good way to become involved.


I wanted to gain as much insight as possible on the process of maintaining a non-profit and the type of work it takes. So far, the internship has shown me that the work we do in college really will prepare us for the future. Some class material will not be relevant in the future, but college is much more than the classroom. The face to face interactions we have, and the connections we make now will prepare us to do the same in the professional world. Further, the work in leadership roles, such as applying for grants for events, or reaching out to a connection about speaking on a panel, is the same type of work that is done in the non-profit world. I already take my leadership positions seriously, but knowing that the type of work I do in my extra-curriculars is beneficial to some of the work I plan on doing in the world is refreshing.

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