Nearing The End | #4

About two weeks before heading back to the states, we reached the final step of our project: data extraction. Within this step there were many different categories for us to sort data into. Every single statistic that was relevant to our study within the papers had to be extracted, with some papers yielding close to 200 entries. We were able to get through the first step of the data extraction process, but stopped where the analyzing started, leaving that to Dr. Notthoff as we got ready to go back home.

At this point of my internship, I had laid out the rest of my travel plans, and was scurrying to do some of the activities that I still wished to do in Berlin. I could not believe how fast the time flew by, but at this point of the summer I also began to feel a little lonely. Luckily for me, the city of Berlin offers anything that I could want to do, and I had some other interns and friends to keep me company. Having other students form Michigan working and studying in Berlin was awesome because it gave us a chance to meet new students and go to events together. During my travels, I even met up with some friends dropping through from MSU, a friend from high school, and by chance, I even ran into one of my friends from high school on the streets of Amsterdam as I was passing the shop that she was leaving. What a small world.

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