New York Stock Exchange | #3

One of my favorite highlights of the internship is our visit to the New York Stock Exchange. At this point I am about halfway through my internship and have become well acquainted with everyone working with me, including the interns. The visit was great, all the other interns and I traveled downtown via subway with John to Wall Street. It was my first time ever being on Wall Street, which I consider a milestone in itself. New York is a beautiful city, so much so that I was able to appreciate the commute. Once we got there, we were checked in by security and then immediately taken to the trading floor. The experience was surreal; we got a tour and met multiple brokers working on floor who were happy to educate us and answer any questions. We stayed until the closing bell and got to watch the closing ceremony. I was awed by the visit –  I had done so much research on the NYSE and its history so to be there in person made it come around full circle.

Around the time of the visit is when I started my first real project at the office. Given the fact that I had technically already started other assignments, “real project” is more of my own word choice. I phrase it this way because it finally felt like I was doing something worthwhile for my team (not to belittle the other work I was doing). John had given my the responsibility of calculating P&L’s for his client’s accounts (profit and loss). I constructed an excel spreadsheet examining John’s investment strategy for various clients, assessing its results over a year’s time.

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