On the topic of food…

My eating habits were much better during the school year. Along with my lack of cooking, I have realized that i minimized my cooking because I wanted to use the time doing other things that I valued over the value of a home cooked meal. That sacrifice shows in the form of my diet being limited to only a bowl at Chipotle a day. Chipotle was right down the street from my summer sublet. Quick and easy. But what about the food pyramid? What about the fact that I do not know exactly what is in my bowl, besides what is advertised in the restaurant?


This summer has been a summer of realization. As I near the end of my internship I have been reflecting a lot about my time in my internship, and my time during the summer. Some of the improvements I have suggested for myself, such as a way to plan meals out for the week and cook them in advance, will be sorted out with time. I did not have a car this summer, which factored into my lack of want to cook (I did not want to have to plan on being taken to the store or taking the bus).


That does not negate the fact that a disenchantment with cooking is an actual problem for my future. “You are what you eat.” If I am eating nothing but fast food, or processed snacks, I will objectively feel worse throughout the day than if I ate “brain food,” or fruits and vegetables. If I am working a 9-5 in the future where I have to stay energized throughout the entire day, I can’t stand to be held back from my potential by my diet.


This is a learning process. We have been taught, as Americans, to prioritize what feels good over what is good for you. But that does not translate to a healthy lifestyle, if left unchecked. I want to check it, and change it, so my health is not something I have to heavily attend to in the future.

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