Advice for Students Planning to Intern in Sales

My biggest piece of advice for anyone considering going into a career in sales would be to be knowledgeable, or at least curious and/or passionate, about the product or service you will be selling. During my internship, I found there were two types of interns (even full timers). The first type was a person who was not passionate about technology. This person did not care how the product worked, they were just interested in how they could sell it to their customers and how it could solve their customer’s problems. The other type was someone who WAS interested in the technology part. This person wanted to learn deeper about how the technology behind a product worked and why/how it solved business problems. Given that, my piece of advice would be to be passionate about whatever type of sales you are going into. I think it is critical to be curious and interested in about something in order to sell it effectively. I would recommend keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in your field and putting yourself in uncomfortable situations in order to learn more about the topic.

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