Informational Interview #2

Informational Interviews can be extremely helpful in learning about programs you don’t know about at companies you want to work for.

At a large financial institution, one usually believes the typical path is the path offered. Accept the general analyst role in the field, and then follow that path, unaware that different programs exist within the role, but this informational interview was helpful for me.

The person I spoke to came from a similar background, earning a background in sales while having financial interest, so hearing her confirmations in following my aspired track was comforting.

Without disclosing too much information, the program applies more to my professional background and is similar to the opportunities I had this summer. Serving directly for a team and working for advisors directly, this program offers career opportunity in a role I am more familiar with. After our conversation, I was further connected with someone deeper involved in the program, and am waiting to hear back.

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