Leaving this lovely team | #5

“Time flies quickly when you are focusing”, I was told by the senior editor who is also our alumni in the editing office one day at 4 p.m. I was editing on a highlight of a wedding, that was my first project on my own. That wedding was extremely short and casual, everything seemed like to be rushed. My boss wanted me to use this project as a practice to start at. There was a lot to be fixed and I was surprised because I felt like I just started editing and it’s already been six hours passed.

Time flies so quickly, this is how I feel when it came to the last day of my intern. I can still remember every detail of those weddings I have attend, and the grand open ceremony that I went alone as a photographer myself. I still feel like all those words that my boss and the director of the office have taught me are still by my ear, and the jokes, and our laughing voice.

Editing videos has always been what I want to do, and the important thing about editing is to use your heart to feel the story and tell the heart of the story by your heart. And the charm of editing is that there are always millions ways of editing the same footages, but it’s your choice to pick out the one.

Like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know how it taste like until you’ve tired it, with your heart.
Maybe wedding photo will not be the job I’m going to do in the future, but what I have learned from this job this summer, what I have saw from the team, and what I have been experienced will be valuable and beneficial to my whole life.

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