Wrapping Up | #5

As my internship came to a close, I was stressed about finishing my big presentation and keeping in touch with everyone after I left. Not only had I developed a great professional relationship with everyone at Reef, I considered some of them friends after a couple months working together. I put together a couple tips on how to stay in touch with your co-workers, way after the end of your internship.

  1. Develop a strong relationship with your direct manager.
    Your manager is the one who you will use as a future reference. They may connect you to future jobs or be your in at the company post graduation. You want to make sure to develop a strong relationship with your boss over the course of your internship, and make sure to keep in touch with them while you’re away at school.
  2. Don’t be shy!
    Don’t be afraid to tell your coworkers that you want to keep in touch and connect with them outside of the office. They will be flattered, especially if you have worked with them throughout the summer!
  3. Utilize Linkedin and social media
    Add everyone you worked with on Linkedin. They know that you are a college student building their career path, and want to help you gain more connections along the way. Since I work in the Marketing field, it’s not uncommon to follow coworkers on Instagram and Facebook as well. Social media is a growing tool for networking and communication. Instagram is a great way to stay on people’s minds. If you like your coworkers posts on Instagram every once in a while, they are sure to remember you!
  4. Keep in touch every few months.
    Send out emails to your coworkers every few months letting them know what you’re up to. They’ll be happy to hear from you! Tell them about how you are using the skills you learned at their company to further your career path in other ways, whether it be through classwork, other jobs, or fun projects. It’s an easy way to keep in touch.


I'm an incoming Senior from San Diego, CA. This summer, I am working as an ECommerce Marketing Intern at REEF! I'm super excited to learn more about the action sports industry, surf culture, and ECommerce Marketing!

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