A couple of gems from my boss – Interview

During my summer internship at the BACtrack, I had a few mentors. One of whom was the Founder and CEO, Keith Nothacker. We’ve had multiple one-on-one meetings, one almost every week. Instead of the direct interview, I will be highlighting just a few of the countless points of wisdom he shared with me –

  • Do what you’re passionate about
    • This seems like a very generic advice but it had to be included. There were many times we talked about his journey, how he ended up being an entrepreneur and how they were quite similar to mine. He always stressed on tryin one’s best to find that passion, that thing one would do for the rest of their lives without being bored or overstressed. When work feels like play, success occurs.
  • Try different avenues and explore
    • Another thing he repeatedly mentioned was to not be afraid to try things. “You’re still young” he said once to me. He essentially gave me me the permission to explore where I was being timid. I am young. I have the time and the energy to try new things to find that passion of mine. And I need to make the most of it.
  • All in or nothing
    • He also told me to be willing to devote most if not all of my time (upon finding that which I’m passionate about), if I wished to succeed. Being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s a lot of time, sleepless nights, countless worries etc. But to succeed, one must push through – for there is no disruption without the struggle.


An international student from Bangladesh, studying Physics at the university. My interests vary from renewable and clean energy to solving any and every interesting problem or challenge which presents itself. As of Summer '17, I'm working as a Sales and Marketing Intern at a San Francisco start-up which is currently the market leader in consumer BAC monitors.

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