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The main time I struggled to understand something was when I was put in charge of the Walmart Sales Analytics and I had to work with Walmart’s archaic Product Provider Website. The website is called retaillink and had not been updated since its creation in 2004/5.


It wasn’t the case of me not being unable to work the technology, it was more that initially I was given the wrong information – we were producing reports of weekly sales but these provided sale of the sale week. Thus when we compared to our statistics, there were discrepancies. I worked extensively with the COO for this, trying out almost everything possible. The terms used by Walmart on the site were confusing. The System was slow and only worked on an old version of Internet Explorer. It was a mess. Countless hours of my month of June were spent sitting on hold or on the phone with the customer support who from my point of view and the companies point of view, didn’t really know much.


The way I overcame this problem was honestly just by plugging away. There wasn’t much to it other than starting early, staying late and trying to piece together something for the boss and have an answer for him for all the discrepancies and working them out while also tallying the sales in a separate way from our end to make sure that our sales team knew of our sales numbers.


An international student from Bangladesh, studying Physics at the university. My interests vary from renewable and clean energy to solving any and every interesting problem or challenge which presents itself. As of Summer '17, I'm working as a Sales and Marketing Intern at a San Francisco start-up which is currently the market leader in consumer BAC monitors.

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