Final Stretch | 4

As my internship wraps up, I have been thinking about all of the valuable lessons that I have learned and experiences that I have had at this company that I will be forever thankful for. I have listed some, but certainly not all of what I have gotten out of my summer internship at Clique Media Group below.

             How to communicate effectively and efficiently

             How to provide my supervisors with different options and alternatives to choose from

             How to delegate and share tasks with my fellow interns

             Improved my phone conversation skills

             How to manage my time to get everything that is asked of me completed

              Learning what I love and hate about this professional field

             Learning to adapt to a new environment

             Learning what a career in this field entails

             How the chain of command works at CMG

              Everything that goes into building and maintaining a successful brand 

Knowing that I want to have a brand of my own one day, this internship opened my eyes to everything that must happen behind the scenes in order to make it happen. For example, CMG relies heavily on e-commerce to connect with followers, customers, and influencers. It was very interesting to see the role that this particular aspect plays in the company.

One of the many perks of my job is that I am constantly being introduced to new fashion trends and luxury products that I didn’t realize I needed in my life, but can’t imagine my life without now. Part of my job is scanning our website for links to the Who What Wear brand, but I also am exposed to a lot of other amazing companies that are featured on our website.

As I finish up I will be working towards networking through my company and continuing to learn more about what I like and don’t like about this field of work.

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