Half-time Report brought to you by Nahiyan Bakr – Blog 4

Reflection time! With the summer half way through, it’s time to take a look at my initial goals and assess them and my progress. The goals and their reviews are listed below –


  • Learn from your mentors and coworkers that which you lack

The idea of this goal came is the basis of me being a sales and marketing intern while in school my major is physics. My eventual goal is to be an entrepreneur. My degree gives me a keen understanding of technology and science and has provided me with a way of analytical thinking that I’ve found very useful. Yet, I really had no experience in the business side of things. And to fulfill my life ambitions, I realized it would be necessary to understand the other aspects of the company besides the products.

Thus far I’ve worked on multiple projects along with my day to day responsibilities. I’ve learned the basics of sales analytics, how to make a sale and be more persuasive, how to conduct customer discovery etc. On top of that I’m working on a few marketing projects and am learning all from high level aspects like pitching the idea and to the smaller details like the colour schemes of the ad.

  • Attain a better sense of the opportunities available in different industries

I attended many networking events and connected with many alumni across different industries while in the city. From healthcare startups like Kinsa, to Transportation behemoths like Ford – I’ve tried to gauge as many opportunities and industries as possible and hope to continue and grow as the summer progresses.


  • Attend as many events and meet as many alumni/individuals immersed in industries as you can

During my time at my internship and san francisco, I reached out to many alumni. With the use of linkedin, I found and connected with, either over coffee or on the phone in various industries – especially in clean tech. I have had a passion in clean tech in a while so I used this opportunity to connect with alumni in solarcity, SVB etc.

I also attended many networking events, especially a few revolving around FORD and their new City SOlutions Department. I realized I’m very interested in this too – even though it may be a lot of urban development and planning, i feel like this will be the future of transportation as we move into the Third Industrial Revolution and start moving to autonomous vehicles.


An international student from Bangladesh, studying Physics at the university. My interests vary from renewable and clean energy to solving any and every interesting problem or challenge which presents itself. As of Summer '17, I'm working as a Sales and Marketing Intern at a San Francisco start-up which is currently the market leader in consumer BAC monitors.

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