Informational Interview #2 | #8

For my second informational interview, I connected with the UX Designer at Wolfram Alpha who is a designer from the University of Michigan School of Information. She had substantial amount of experience in creating wireframes and interactive prototypes for the emerging start-up. I believe she is an ideal candidate for the informational interview because we study the same area here at the University and we both pursue career in the United States and non-native speaker of English. I believed our similarities would bring a lot of resonance to the interview and would inspire me in many ways.


I asked her why she chose to work for Wolfram and how is that experience different from working for the Internet giants. I was told that Wolfram is a company that focus a lot on the end users with complex mathematical functionality, which determines that designing experience for Wolfram entails both technical communication with the developers and non-technical engagement with the users. It really trained the designers at Wolfram to be versatile, agile, and flexible, which are abilities that designers at the giants do not necessarily embark.


After my interview with her, I will be more focused on growing as a agile and versatile designer, expanding my expertise in different areas. I am also broadening my internship hunting for this upcoming summer, looking more into companies that enable designers to fully utilize their expertise.

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