Near Future Influence | # 5

Ever since my youth, I had always been drawn to leadership organizations and roles. From there, I started to get involved in student advocacy and government so it only made sense to me that I could potentially enjoy a career in some form of official government. I wasn’t sure how comfortable I was with pursuing a future in government because of two reasons: I am not the most politically driven person and I enjoy making a direct impact in whatever I am working on. Knowing these things about myself, I figured government at the state and federal levels probably weren’t for me. This is what drew me to start exploring internships in local city governments so I could determine if working in government was even a possible career choice for me.

The experiences I had working for my local city government were extremely rewarding. I learned a lot about professionalism and the logistics of how cities operate– I was able to relate a lot of how they work to my school setting and how we would promote certain events or communicate with other entities. A common theme that I picked up on in every project my supervisors took on or reassigned to me became evident relatively early in my internship period. They were very hesitant to be creative and follow through with ideas that are outside of the box. I enjoy innovation and creativity but quickly learned my city government didn’t necessarily have that same intention. My immediate supervisor would have personal conversations with me about their policies and why certain ideas couldn’t be entertained, so I completely understand why they take the stands they do.

Throughout the course of my internship, I identified a lot about the kind of environment I would like to work in. That environment was not where my internship took place, but by no means does that mean I didn’t enjoy what I did this past summer. I just now have a more narrow idea of where to hone my leadership interests which will help guide my major declaration.

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