Working in Chicago I Blog #4

During this internship experience, I have been traveling to the city of Chicago. Chicago is an absolutely beautiful city. However, this is not my first time being in Chicago. I have been coming to Chicago for my entire life as I grew up in suburbs only 30-40 minutes away.

Besides the stunning views throughout the city, I have learned there is more that meets the eye. The city is absolutely packed. There are people coming to view the city from everywhere. Trying to walk to get to your destination can sometime be a nuisance hurdling through the crowd. Another thing I hated was the smoking. People everywhere are smoking. Although it is their personal choice, it ruins the atmosphere for me. Loud noises everywhere. Whether is it construction, cars continually honking, or the talks among people, the city is flooded with noise which is definitely hard to get away from. Bus transportation is crowded and bumpy. Since there are numerous people in the city, you can expect the buses to be filled–especially during rush hour. The buses have a set schedule and need to get to their destinations on time. There are also pot holes on the ground. Put these two things together and you get extremely bumpy ride, which you must embrace for impact at any point. Running to the train station to make the train is the worst. If I missed the train, I would have to wait about an hour to get back home.

You do not notice all this as just a tourist. Because I had to go to the internship everyday, the more I started to notice these sorts of things. At the end of the day, however, most cities are going to be like this anyways. It is something you must get used to. All in all, pushing all this negativity aside, you can see how beautiful this place is. I would most definitely return to the city of Chicago!

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