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When heading into this internship, the only “ambition” I had was that someday I would become an entrepreneur and build a company in a field that i’m passionate about and cause a shift or disruption as big as the iphone. I was a physics major and had taken Mechanical engineering classes so I knew I had a decent grasp on technology and engineering. But that wasn’t the only thing that made up a business. One needed to know how to run an organization, sell products that people may be initially fearful of, manage expectations of the public and of colleagues etc. Thus I decided to work as a sales and marketing intern, to learn what essentially for me was the “other side”.


Having worked in sales, marketing and management under the ceo of the company, I realize that my belief was reaffirmed. To be an entrepreneur, one needed all sides of the dice. You can’t be the CEo and not know how the product works, nor can you build a product and not know how to sell it. This inevitably leads to failure. Hence, I’m grateful for this experience and all that i’ve learnt.


However, I also realized that my heart still is in product design, building and management. I didn’t enjoy the sales analytics or designing of marketing campaign. I can do those things, but I don’t want to unless I have to.


An international student from Bangladesh, studying Physics at the university. My interests vary from renewable and clean energy to solving any and every interesting problem or challenge which presents itself. As of Summer '17, I'm working as a Sales and Marketing Intern at a San Francisco start-up which is currently the market leader in consumer BAC monitors.

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