Seeing Myself in a Different Light | Blog #4

I’ve always seen myself as a hard worker. Through my K-8 experience I maintained a 3.5 or better GPA and through my entire high school career I maintained a 4.0. During my K-12 experience not only did I do well in the classroom, I was pretty active outside of the classroom as well, participating in academic games, student council, performing arts, as well as volunteering whenever I could. During these years of school , I easily knew that I would do well in my class and even when I didn’t know how to answer a question or to approach a task I could talk my way out of any problem I had ( which now looking back I don’t think was the best thing for me to do).  I know we all have had (well at least some of us ) a moment where we sit back and realize how hard being at the University of Michigan is and wonder what happened to us being great students who did awesome in school. While I know everyone may not have experienced this, this was a major experience for me and I have to tell you that it killed me.

This summer specifically I realized that I wasn’t the hard worker that I have always seen myself as.  If it wasn’t for my supervisor Jillian bringing this to the light I probably wouldn’t have figured as soon as I did. It was our third time meeting together and she laid out all of her expectations she had for me, and  I have to tell  you they were at least 5 flights higher than my own expectations.  Now this may come off as slightly negative but in this moment I realized that I should want more for myself , and even though I was excelling in the things that I did, my work ethic was trash. So at my internship I was able to work on my work ethic through the projects I had assigned to me. I am extremely thankful that I had this opportunity and I am thankful that I was able  to learn and grow more from something that I didn’t think I had to change at all.

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